The Loud Office

What do you wear to the loud office?

Many different places can constitute a loud office and when you’re a rock musician things are normally pretty loud wherever you go.

The loud office can be a playback in the control room of a recording studio. It can be a rehearsal room with a full tilt rock band practicing new songs.

The loud office can be a sound check at a club, or on a big arena rock stage.

Quiet shoes are always what to wear in and around any loud office. Because when microphones are live you don’t want to be the one click click clicking across floor. Also crepe souls are recommended above the squeaky rubber kind.

Any loud office is not only loud inside but also outside in the surrounding areas and the the loud office itself can make it next to impossible to carry on a conversation or a phone call. This can cause you to venture out into some rugged surrounding terrain so make sure your shoes are not only quiet but sturdy and reliable plus you should have an extra layer against any weather you may encounter as you may find yourself flung far from shelter.

Since practical, almost industrial, outfits are a must in or near the loud office what are you going to wear then to maintain a moniker of style?

Teeshirts are like uniforms at the loud office but they can also be altered by cutting straight across the neck making a plain Teeshirt into a more feminine off the shoulder statement.

A roll of gaffers tape can also be worn as a bracelet as well thereby completing a simple utilitarian outfit that states “industrial chic.”


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  • Kelly McPoland on

    I love the wardrobe adaptations you mentioned. VERY creative!

  • Nancy, you should considering writing a book about tips to living on the road and in hotels, and all the creative things I’ve read that you’ve done over the years. You should also include lots of ugly carpet photos you’ve taken. I always found your tips on living on the road fascinating….and sometimes really funny!

    PS. So happy to see you doing something a little different from Heart for a bit.

  • Miss seeing you nancy!!
    Hope RR comes through the PNW!!
    Love the tunes thus far from

  • T shirt purchase site please???

  • Ahhh you Wilson sisters with your fashion sense….geez, couldn’t you leave some of the talent for us “little people”?? Lol. Seriously though Nancy, I love the off- the-shoulder look I’ve seen on you with your RR shirt. Sexy chic. Love your band. Can’t wait to see you in Sept. I’m just so excited for you in this new phase of your life. You are radient thru and thru!! <3

  • As a preschool teacher I can wear my Roadcase Royale shirt to the “loud office” I don’t use gaffers tape as a bracelet, but am often wearing a roll of blue painters tape

  • Never thought about quiet shoes in the loud office — brilliant! Looking forward to hearing the whole crew, shoes and all, in Sept. to bid a proper farewell to the Palace with Seger!

  • I’ll be darned! you are the Practical Stylist!

  • The loud office sounds like a fun place to be. 💜

  • And how does one get a Roadcase Royale T-Shirt?

  • Mishelle and Cora on

    Thanks for all this great advice Nancy as we are gearing up to Get Loud in the studio in August, hope to see you all on the road! Xxoo

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