My Unique Path

At the age of eight I was sitting in front of the TV watching Diana Ross belt out all the hits. (Apparently, that was the video tape my parents used to keep me quiet and busy). She was changing clothes every minute. She was exquisite! I wanted long flowing hair and a microphone too!! Secretly, that’s all that mattered to me at the age of eight. I just wanted to be on stage. Instead, I was going to the olympics…so I thought. In college I wanted to become a Public Health certifier… so I thought, “Naw, I have something even better…a Karaoke singer in Portland. That’s it! Surely I’ll get discovered in a Karaoke Bar.”

300 songs later, with songs slips saved in an altoid box, I joined a band. A hip hop band called “Money n’ Lovin”. And that’s when it started…the confidence, boldness to sing and perform.

I’d never sang in front of a crowd of people. It didn’t matter. It was the sure fearlessness that made me reach deep within to just perform.
I was mentored by many musicians and singers in Portland. They took me under their wing and I was incredibly grateful.

It’s really quite amazing how you let life show its colors and what it can do for you if you have the right spirit.
I was open to the universe! Whatever it had for me. So, strange…just when you think you’re about to throw in the towel the universe speaks.
Fast forwarding 5 years into my career, I get the chance of a lifetime to sing backgrounds and be mentored by Prince. This completely changed me. Changed the way I looked at music, felt music and saw how much influence it had. I was thankful for his patience and his push for me to take chances. Those chances lead me to the opportunity to open for HEART at the Hollywood Bowl!

Hollywood Bowl is where it all unfolded for me and my guitar player Ryan Waters. We were losing our minds trying to figure out how in the heck did this happen!! I was overwhelmed, overjoyed and just stunned!! These are the Queens of Rock ’n’ Roll. These women are not afraid to get gritty and loud! I grew up listening to them and I was beyond honored to be doing this show.
Well, it didn’t just end there. I had to meet Nancy! She’s a badass period. And laid back at the same time. I was blown away by her spirit and the bands spirit! I had to meet her.

We finally met up and chatted for a bit. As I was about to leave she said, “Let’s keep in touch…let’s not be one of those people who say we’ll do lunch and then never meet up”. Since then I made sure to keep in touch. I started to send her some of my new music to get her opinion and we just kept in contact. I wanted to do a Rock ’n’ Roll record and the ideas started rolling.

We finally put our words into action!!
I met with other members of the band…Chris Joyner, Dan and Ben and it was pure magic when we sat down the first time and played. What I absolutely love most about this unit is that we have respect for each other as musicians. We all come from various backgrounds and thats what makes this unit unique.

We are actually doing this!!

I’m getting to write, record and sing with Nancy and this amazing band. And the chemistry is unreal! This is meant to be!
This is just the beginning….

Can you believe it? We are Roadcase Royale! Ha!


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  • Liv,

    Your story is amazing! Which is fitting since your voice is amazing!

    I’m a long time Heart fan but more importantly a huge fan of Nancy Wilson as an artist and a person. I know first hand what it’s like to meet her, how disarming she can be and how she makes you feel like you’re two old friends talking. I get it. And you have to be pretty amazing yourself for Nancy to have extended a “let’s really keep in touch” directive. I’m so glad you did. I fell in love with Get Loud the first time I heard it and with every listen I fall deeper in love with the song and this band and I hope to get to see come through San Antonio when you tour. You WILL tour, right? ‘Cause we got to get loud!

    Mad Love and Respect to you all…

    Ms. Tralwind

  • So glad you followed the pull of the music!

  • Colleen 'Cole' Tryön on

    I’m really really happy thisRoadcase Royale band is happening! there’s a lot of vibes already out in the universe, I see em swirling, lol, now I gotta hear you guys ‘live’ Get Loud

  • …, may it always be a new beginning … well on your way, I’d say … we are so lucky for angels in our lives!! Blessings all, ka

  • Proud of you love you, Stay strong!

  • Sandy McGovern on


  • Bring RR to Chicago…would love to see this awesome lineup of musicians!

  • You are uniquely beautiful Liv and truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this. I grew up influenced by Ann and Nancy – they are incredible, powerful women. Thanks for your insightful words to keep going… I’ve been ready to throw in the towel several times with music and once I actually did and then life threw it back at me with some positive signs to follow. Strange how that happens, so I guess I’m on the right path. Looks like it’s led you to a very magical place right now. Ride the wave! I hope I get to see you perform someday soon with Roadcase Royale!

  • Count me in! I heard a snippet a few weeks ago on Instagram and went: hello…what’s this? But it got my attention! I’m ready for more!

  • I absolutely Love Liv Warfield!! You Rock! I love the new single Get Loud!!!

  • Hi Liv. Hope your well. Any new music coming up on your website/ Facebook soon xx

  • Krisy Killingsworth on

    Thank you for sharing your very interesting story! I love hearing how musicians/groups get their starts together. I’m a longtime Heart fan, who thinks you have a fabulous voice. I already love Get Loud and am looking forward to hearing more from Roadcase Royale!! Hopefully, a tour stop in Ft Lauderdale at some point?

  • Patty Schacherbauer on

    How did you come up with that name for the band? I’m a diehard Heart/Lovemonger fan and now a fan of yours as well! I love your sound! I only hope you guys will play somewhere near Sacramento, California.

  • So happy for you. Liv! You’re beautiful, soulful, and you have a killer voice. Love4oneanother!

  • What a cool story Liv! Thanks for sharing. So excited for you guys and for all of us out here watching and listening. Really hope you guys will bring RR to Colorado!😃🎸🎶💗

  • Congratulations Liv !!!!, You have quite the impressive voice ,WOW ,we are so thrilled that all of you are doing this . I truly feel that the music industry is in desperate need of.a new start right now ,and that is exactly what your band offers ,a fresh start with real people who want to reach out to other real people .Everything is always about timing and you timed this one right in my opinion .We hope to see you in Maryland soon .

  • Liv, I saw you open for Heart at the Hollywood Bowl, and you blew me away! I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. I looking forward to hearing more of your collaboration with Nancy in RR!

  • This band is a ray of sunshine! Amazing rhythms, lush guitars, great vocals- they’ve got them all. I can’t wait to see them live! Keep shining!!

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