I love my new band. It’s a whole new kind of family for me. These are good people who know how to give their amazing contributions with no competitive ego trips, judgments or ulterior motives.

I keep imprinting the best deep feeling of mutual trust and the collective intention of making inspired music as a team of experienced collaborators.

We collectively decided to be equal partners in ROADCASE ROYALE. A true democracy. No ‘side men’ this time. We are men and women, creating and working together.

By choice, we have no pecking order and chose to share the pie pieces for the greater good.

Everybody in this band is bringing so much of their passion and experience to it. It’s quite freeing to know each contributor gets a fare share.
A true democracy is to share the wealth of the rewards leaving no one out.

We’re all working the craft from our individual angles, making a greater whole.

That’s how I wish the world would work. There was once a glimpse of this elusive gift of equality in the late 60s during the Summer of Love.
It was a cultural upheaval, demanding the world to refocus their eyes, hearts and souls on both men and women, equally balancing our differences as intelligent, enlightened humankind.

That’s why one of my favorite slogans of the Women’s March on Washington stated- “Women’s rights are human rights”

From the place where I sit tonight, I’m feeling so blessed and so lucky to have a new solid place in this cool rock democracy of “equalists” called ROADCASE ROYALE.


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  • That is exactly what my band strives for each and everyday! We are a Team/Family/Friends/Band.
    I can’t wait to hear what you guys put together. 😊

  • The new band sounds awesome I love the new song!! Whatever band you’re in you you are amazing…you are my inspiration Nancy Wilson

  • You have been such an inspiration to me . I have seen “Heart” , fifteen times and always felt there was more to you and what you have to say or sing. Your journey is just starting , don’t look back now and never stop making music !

  • Great message Nancy. Hope Roadcase will come to PNW.
    Tacoma fan.

  • Dear Nancy – I admire your commitment to creating a band with equal positions – it just may work (with a small group of creative, aware individuals). I wish it could work on a far, far larger scale (even something like a small town). I wish I could say “well … modern times just don’t support that kind of mutual-reward cooperation” but the quick fracturing of such kind coalitions goes back as far as Mankind. In this dynamic, leaders emerge, as do envious underlings and go-betweens. Egos are enlarged, work hours and responsibilities get compared and before you know it, someone believes they’re owed far more or, some creepy person just gets jealous.

    Theft, graft, bribery and “agendas” rise and “police forces” and “judges” are created. Ugh, it all gets fucked up the same way each time. Before you know it, this nice human collective forms an “army” to bring “war” on another human collective.. Suddenly, it’s 2017, America/Planet Earth. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a bummer – the only solution is to keep trying for the “ideal” and build it wherever possible as you go through your life – as you’ve done with Roadcase Royale. Best of everything to you. I’ve been a true fan for 40 years – from Dreamboat Annie onward. Love the new song – I’ve got 3 daughters who’ve marched in #Resistance to all things Trump and I made certain to play it for each one of them. They loved it, too!

    Please come somewhere accessible near NJ/NY (I’m in a wheelchair). I’d love to see you again (my 3rd time, I hope!)
    Chris Traynor
    Wayne, NJ
    Huge Resistance Guy on Twitter @christraynor

  • I love what you guys are doing! And I love your first single. Count me in if you come to the east coast!

  • Peggy Feigenbaum on

    Love you, Nancy and the sound of this band. Congrats to you on this new endeavor and hopefully I will see you perform live somewhere. There is a venue called Daryl’s House Club in Pawling NY owned by Daryl Hall. Many great performers have done shows there, it has a remarkable sound system since the Live From Daryl’s House shows are filmed there on days the venue/restaurant is closed.
    Also, in my area is Hudson Paramount in Peelskill, NY, and the Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown NY. I hope so much that you might come of one or more of these venues in the near future.
    Is there a cd available? Thank you.

  • Roger D.Harsla on

    What’s up hottie , woman of my dreams ? Yes we are all equal , both men and women , but unfortunately only in the eyes of God ! So much more needs to be done ! Isn’t it ironic that women are looked down upon , yet they are the only ones who can bear children , obviously women are the stronger sex because of it !

  • Kelly McPoland on

    Dearest Nancy,
    I have been a fan of you, Ann and Heart since I was 7 in 1976. You are one of THE GREATS-not just as a performer-but as a person. I LOVE that with your legendary musical acclaims you are soo giving, appreciative and generous to your peers and fans alike! With ROADCASE ROYALE it’s enjoyable watching YOU do YOUR THING on stage playing and singing like the pro you have been for decades. I also love watching how much you appreciate Liv’s vocal performances. Your expressions look very pleased.

    • “Women’s rights are human rights” ya know Nancy, its too bad that slogan makes so much sense and that it needed to come into existence in the first place. From what I’ve seen, read, etc you and Ann for over 40 years have promoted love and equality on and off stage and I HEART you for keeping on doing it! I wonder if this type of thing was due to the times we were born into (Ann ’50, me ’52, mine ’54, you ’54) and the military influence. Several friends / classmates went from Syracuse to Woodstock (I couldn’t). 34 years ago we decided yes we will do kids even though so much of this world sucks and now have a 31 yr old retired Marine and 26 year of college grad; they get fired up when human rights are questioned. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Keep on rawking and the band keep on smiling!!!

  • This band RAWKS! I love everything about Roadcase Royale and what you stand for. You guys are exactly what we need right now. I’m excited to see and hear more from you all. Best of luck with everything ❤️

  • Beautifully expressed, as always. You inspire all ages and all capabilities to keep following the pull of the music and light. Thank you for sharing!

  • Colleen 'Cole' Tryön on

    ‘GET LOUD’ ABOUT IT ALL!¡ I’m really excited for RR! Can hardly wait to hear this band ‘live’ 🎶 ty for sharing your blog — right on!

  • Such inspiring words Nancy. You’ve always been one of my greatest heros. I was 14 in 1981 when I finally got to see you for the first time live. It left a life-long impression on my. I remember your imprint on my young mind of all the new possibilities as a “girl” that seemed to open up for me in my heart that day. Foever grateful. So vey happy for you and the whole band and all the fresh new possibilities that lie on the horizon. It’s really great to have cool new stuff from you to look forward to. After a really diificult year of unbearable grief and loss I am trying to emerge from, it’s a breath of fresh air. With much love, respect and appreciation always! You RAWK!😃🎸🎶💗

  • Nancy-
    I love the sentiment you share here. And the unspoken creative message you and your partners are putting forth. When you choose to live life as a creative (or it chooses you) it is always about moving forward, reinventing, rediscovering, and reaching as far as your heart and mind will allow.

    Yes, if Heart has seen its last days, I will lament the loss deeply. I’ve been a fan since high school. But the gift that you and and Ann and the many members along the way have given, has been and is immense. And thanks to the genius of recording, we can relive our favorite moments over and over, while you and Roadcase Royale explore and discover and create what makes your own hearts happy. After all you have given us, the least we can do is cheer as you continue running the creative marathon you were born to run.

    Great blessings and inspiration to you and your partners. Bring it, sister!

  • I’m loving the fresh groovy sound. Seems like you have broken out into a new and exciting time. Real artists always have more to say. Can’t wait to hear where you are going.

  • Janet Thompson on

    How beautiful! I love what you are doing, music is one if the best ways to bring people closer, no barriers.

  • Kari Celestine on

    Beautiful, true words! Nancy, You Rock! So glad I got to meet you again, last August, when Heart played in Dallas, Texas! What a dream come true, to finally be able to give you a copy of the lyrics to a song I wrote, many years ago. When you sang the first line back to me, it was the coolest moment of my 47 years! Sure wish I could hang with you at Rock Fantasy Camp. Guitar School at its finest! No words to describe that one! Love this new band! Beyond Awesome! Love You, Nancy! My Idol, Hero, & Mentor! Kari Celestine in Burke, Texas

  • WOW !!!!! I LOVE that you are doing this ,PLEASE come to Maryland .Congratulations to all of you .

  • Great sentiment and we’ll said. I’ve been a fan for years and was lucky enough to see you and Ann and the rest of Heart in Rapid City, SD in 1985. I’ve been a songwriter wannabe for more than 40 years, and finally, two years sgo, at the age of 58, I had the courage to begin sharing my songs with others. You and Ann are proof that musical creativity, relevance, and passion are not restricted to those under 30 and need not diminish or disappear after that. Love the new song and would love to see your new band come to Boise.

  • So excited for you! It’s the best feeling to jam with friends and see what appears out of the blue! Forest Green, Sunset Tangerine…Love and Light to you all!

  • You and Roadcase Royale sounded amazing on Saturday night at the Rock Against MS show! All the very best to you and the band!

  • Love the name . How did you all come up with the name ?

    Enjoyed seeing y’all jam in the latest YouTube video . Can’t wait for a tour . Your Facebook pAge is so professionally done . Very classy indeed .

    ….waiting to watch y’all jam . Need a roadcase royale rock tshirt … when will mech go on sale ?

    Much love to each member of the band can’t wait to meet luv and Ryan … the rest of y’all I’ve met … see y’all soon I hope ! ❤

  • Satya Prakash verma on

    Nancy you are so nice… great songs I like much.

  • You have inspired me since 1976 as I have grown with you. Your music helped me beat cancer and a bone marrow transplant. I love your new band. Keep inspiring with your words, kindness, and art. Rock on. ❤️💕

  • “That’s why one of my favorite slogans of the Women’s March on Washington stated- “Women’s rights are human rights”- In all fairness, no one has a right to murder an unborn child. A woman who has sex and gets pregnant does not have a right to murder the child. A day of reckoning is coming, may God have mercy on America – a godless, vile nation that drinks down iniquity like water. Pro 6:16  These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: Pro 6:17  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood”. What could be more innocent than an unborn child in what should be the safest place – the mother’s womb? Millions of babies have been slaughtered and sacrificed to the ‘god of convenience’. America will pay for her sins. Feminism has destroyed what God designed women to be, how tragic!

    I used to listen to Heart as a teenager growing up in the 70’s – that was before God saved me. I idolized Heart – praise God He has shown me mercy! Now I pray for God’s mercy for ALL sinners – mercy to save.
    Jesus Christ died for the ungodly, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. America does NOT need Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – America needs a Jonah to preach repentance. A nation divided against itself will not stand. As America crumbles, remember this – God raises nations up and He brings them down. The day of judgment is fast approaching and the majority of sinners are too caught up in the here and now to notice.
    God will judge sinners who reject the Gospel of Christ and shake their fists at Him. May the LORD cause you to cry out as the tax collector, ‘LORD, be merciful to me the sinner!’

    Acts 8:22 – Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.
    Acts 17:30 –  And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:

  • Robert Bluestein on

    This post was from the heart. It inspired me to paint – and paint I did. I painted a ”Tree of Many Roots, Many Colors” and I did it on a black stained-glass background and made it glow in the dark. I thought about how equality is found in nature, and that it takes all of the roots of the tree to bring forth growth. I don’t normally think along these lines, so it is really inspirational.

  • What a great opportunity to do something new. Everyone in this band has a strong skill set. I am waiting to hear what they record. Nancy is working independently of her Sister Ann with a powerful singer and a powerhouse band. Although some of this line up was in Heart, it’s also a mix of some new blood, and these influences will change the dynamic. Regarding Heart taking a break, it appears Nancy has taken the harder path, reaching out to this group of musicians and building this band from the ground up. It’s a clean slate and a new start. Nancy owes NOTHING to Hearts past, and now has total freedom to write and record a new chapter in her musical journey. Wishing Road Case great success with their venture!

  • beautiful Nancy and well said. I can’t wait to see your new band, I already feel the love and honor you give everyone so the synergy must be mind blowing. See you soon!

  • Nancy, thank you for your post and for creating an avenue by which we, your fans, may communicate with you. I love that your new project is embodied by mutual minds with mutual respect, and that it represents your vision of human experience in society. Taking this microcosmic example to the broader world and our collective inability to achieve this state of being has been something I’ve tried to understand, for most of my life. We may not be able to do this in the larger context, but we can make the decision to attempt living by this principle, in our own lives. I congratulate you for doing this and making the conscious decision to live according to your values. When all else may falter, this will help ensure our happiness: living a life true to what we love and value. This is more complex than the statement suggests, and involves so many intertwined complexities. But change starts with us. I love the quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Truth be told, we can’t always do this, but we can develop the strength to recognize our short comings and limitations, with self-compassion, and move forward anew. Your words and work show you’ve done this work. For me, trying to understand how the world works and why there is discrimination, amongst other toxic phenomena, landed me in an MSW program at the age of 45 (that was several years ago now). It has been a very challenging endeavor and much more difficult in practice than in school. I decided to go the route of working with individuals and groups rather than macro social work, though both are important. One thing I do know is that we can make a positive difference in the lives of others, in a variety of ways. You and Ann made a difference in my life. Thank you, for being you, and for continuing to make the world a better place.


  • Hi Nancy,
    Equality and Democracy can be a beautiful thing when everyone strives for the same goal with every bit of commitment. I understand that Heart never worked that way and it was always, and will always be your and Ann’s band, I’m going through what happens when a band democracy starts to deteriorate a band. It can be a frustrating thing and I guess everything has a down side, but it sounds like you’ve got a great thing going and hope it stays that way.

    I hope that you spread your wings outside of songs written by Heart with this band, and become the forefront with Liv of something spectacular. There has to be something absolutely free-feeling about it. I hope to hear songs about your point of view about life, love, and the wisdom you carry. You’re timeless and have so much to share. Keep Rockin’!

  • This new adventure is going to take off, just wait and see. I saw a couple of interviews where you said you were surprised ROADCASE ROYALE was slow to get the gigs … you know movement is born of stillness – and silence, the deep root of sound … not to hurry, not to worry … all things in due time … just as the heart of the song is in the spaces between the notes we play … what a difference it makes to listen for those open areas, not hurry to fill them up with random noise ….

    I don’t know anything about the industry. Alan Paramour once said not to wait too long, … the band plays on …

    I believe if who you are, and what you have is golden – you are, and it is – it will glow, no matter what you do.

    So, since ROADCASE ROYALE is combining musical and cultural impulses of rhythm/blues, and rock ‘n roll – not to mention folk and gospel roots – why not extend that coalition of influences to the more classical dimension of sound as well – beyond the music itself, to explore other aspects of the process that might contribute to your progress.

    Bill Murray’s upcoming collaboration is managed by global artist management agency, Dorn Music.


    It looks like Dorn represents an eclectic selection of today’s global talent pool. ROADCASE ROYALE qualifies, big time (imo).

    Have you checked them out?


    “… founded by leading artist manager Tanja Dorn, offers international, holistic and bespoke artist management. Dorn Music aims to unite the interests of artists, presenters, labels, PR-agencies and audiences in order to ensure highly qualitative, unique and exceptional musical experiences.”

    “Founded in January 2016 and based in Hannover, Germany, Dorn Music consists of an initial team of five, including two full-time, multi-lingual artist managers working alongside Dorn. The agency is furthermore cooperating with specialists in the fields of travel, logistics, marketing, finance, law and IT. Dorn Music offers complete management support at the highest level, with a dedicated individual approach to developing a healthy, long-term career for each performing artist.”

    “Last year also saw the launch of the Young Artists Foundation, a non-profit organisation, conceived and spearheaded by Dorn.”


    … I still say your best work is yet to come … peace, be well … ka

  • I would have gone 6/2 and seen you but I just struggle with the political viewpoint seen on the video. Too bad looks like the venue could have used a few of us to show up. I do wish you the best of luck and hope that the world does not implode. Despite the fact that Trump is not the presidential norm, What happens when/if the policies actually help people? What then?

    I hate the rhetoric and love the policies so far – Can’t have everything!

  • Forever Nancy/Heart fan on

    I am embracing your new gig and band, I wish you all much love and soul fulfillment on this new endeavor.

  • This is amazing and exciting. I’m one of your hugest fans since way back when at age 15. I lost count at 40 times seeing Heart. I can’t wait to hear what this new venture is all about! JM – Burlington, MA

  • Love the new sound and positive message! MORE please!

  • Amazing Site. Really enjoyed reading.

  • Hi Nancy,
    What an honor to connect with you and your new project. Heart has been my driving force musically for over 40 years. You have been my muse and inspiration to follow my dreams as a female guitar player and songwriter and continue to do so to this day. I hope you have the opportunity to tour in Canada especially Vancouver BC. I’ll be first in line to get tickets! I wish you and your awesome new project continued success. Rock on!


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